Manufacturing Plant  Relocation

There are substantial financial and operating gains to be made when manufacturing plant relocations are well planned and executed. CPQP has developed a specific model when it comes to starting a new plant or relocating an existing plant. Our methodologies are based on our significant experience gained from assisting our clients with over 40 plant startups and relocations worldwide. Typically a plant move includes planning the transportation of plant and material to a new facility and recommissioning while protecting customer sales.

In addition to this method, the CPQP approach uses this prime opportunity to apply Lean methodology to all aspects of the business and uses the move as a  window of opportunity to carry out the Lean transformation.

Our approach:

Understanding our Clients - in assisting our clients to meet their objectives, CPQP will come to understand our client’s business model, business culture, management practices, management structure, systems and procedures as well as the back office processes.

Move Planning - the comprehensive move plan must accommodate technology changes, human resources, logistics, move budget and the high level time line. Cross-border moves must also consider import / export brokering, shelter companies, permitting, transportation logistics and distribution.

Preparation - CPQP Lean GAP analysis tool highlights the opportunities for Lean enterprise transformation. This rationalization in turn is incorporated  into a new plant layout, plant equipment, sequence of move, sourcing, training plan, systems and defines the finite time line.

Moves and Installations - once the receiving facility is ready, we handle all aspects of process line moves including line shut down, equipment rigging, transportation and unloading at the new facility. Equipment will be set up according to the process optimization plan.

Production Startup - CPQP will handle all aspects of process line integration, including hookup to utilities, supervising start up and ‘first piece’ through. CPQP will also assist in employee training and implementation of quality systems.

Stabilization - Stabilization consists of Lean enterprise training, Lean implementation, quality registration, and supply chain migration.